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RhodiGanda is an herbal beverage containing super adaptogenic and functional antioxidant compounds.  It's purpose is to balance out chemical dysfunctions of the body. 
There are six key extracts that make up Rhodigandha: 
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Ashwagandha
  • Acai Berry
  • Caucasian Bilberry
  • Blueberry Leaf
  • Georgian Pomegranate
Recommended dosage initially is 2 oz two times a day to saturate the body.  After your body system has balanced then 2 oz one time a day.  Usually a bottle will last one week and a 4 bottle case will last a month. 
25 oz bottle           Case of 4 bottles 
Note:  Every bottle of RhodiGandha will taste slightly different.  The potentancy of each extract will vary based on the climate variations of the growing seasons.  The extract potency is standardized so one batch may require more of one herb in the arid season and less in an rainy season.  The result is a slightly different taste from batch to batch.  Rest assured that the potentancy is standardized.
RhodiGandha will affect each individual differently according to the chemical dysfunction that the individual is experiencing.  Someone with high blood pressure may react differently than someone with diabetes or acid reflex.  To be sure Rhodigandha is right for you start by tracking your health progress.   Get a routine physical with bloodwork to establish your baseline.  After taking RhodiGandha for one month then follow up with your family physician  to document any change in your organic chemistry. 
You will be amazed by the results.  You will not only feel better but you will have the documentation to prove that your body chemistry is improving.
  1. Protect cells
  2. Strengthens cell membraine
  3. Improves energy levels
  4. Strengthens the heart
  5. Helps digestion
  6. Increases mental clarity
  7. Strengthens memory
  8. Restores antioxidant number
  9. Strengthens immune system
  10. Strengthens nervous system
  11. Relieves inflammation
  12. Fights bacteria
  13. Fights viruses
  14. Stimulates hair growth
  15. Suppress food cravings
  16. Combats effects of diabetes
  17. Stabilizes proper cholesterol levels
  18. Provides essential fatty acids
  19. Fights allergies
  20. Relieves joint and muscle pain
  21. Normalize blood sugar levels
  22. Helps with mood and depression
  23. Protects against infection & illness
  24. Helps build stamina and endurance
  25. Helps fight fevers
  26. Helps reduce risk of cancer
  27. Helps with erectile dysfunction
  28. Restores sexual vitality
  29. Improved weight management
  30. Fights cellular mutation
  31. Scavengers for free radicals
  32. Inhibits platelet aggregation & clotting
  33. Impedes NRS free radicals
A word from Denise Abda, MT, IMA,HC
Using RhodiGandha I have been watching and documenting what my clients are noticing.  They feel less stress in their daily life and more support and balance.  These compounds are blended to complement each other to promote longevity and vitality and endurance in our everyday life.  I am seeing the results everyday.
A word from Dr. Wade Sproviero, DC
This produce is amazing.  My family and my patients love it.  I've seen cholesterol and sugar levels balance in a matter of days, plus boosts in energy, mood and work-out strength and stamina!  I personally love it for the after lunch pick-me-up.  No 2 o'clock slump!  I have been in the wellness and natural prodoucts arena for over 25 years and I've never seen such a potent natural product that renders results so fast.  I am truely amazed!
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