In the State of Kansas, Massage Therapy is not licensed.  It is the general policy of the Insurance Industry to not accept insurance claims for any service that is not licensed in the State.  For this reason, we do not file insurance claims for our services. 
Some insurance companies will grant payment with a doctors prescription for massage therapy.  In these cases we will  file with your insurance company.of ForIn
INSURANCE  IS GENERALLY ACCEPTED for Workers Compensation and No-Fault Insurance claims  (with pre approval)
Just for your information,In 2000, President Bush requested a task force to investigate the need/benefit of complementary and alternative therapies. The finished report is available for your review at www.nih.gov/ . Once in the website just type in "White House" in the search area.


Yes, under certain circumstances we do.  Right now, most insurance companies do not cover massage.  Currently, we accept workers comp cases as well as personal injury cases.  If you were in an auto accident, you may qualify for Medical Massage covered under your Personal Injury Protection.  You will need to have a prescription for massage form your physician or chiropractor and we will bill those sessions to insurance.  Please call our office (316-706-6965) to discuss your personal circumstances as each case is unique.


Yes, we have a Nation Provider Identification number and so accept Flexible Spending Account cards (program also know as the Cafeteria Plan).  Just bring your card with you and we will run it like a credit card.  Receipts for your record are provided upon request and are recommended on all transactions made with this type of card.

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