Therapeutic Massage--90 minutes             $90

Headache Treatment--10 minutes                $20

Massage-- 60/90 minutes                              $60/$90

Reflexology--30 minutes                                 $40

Theraplate--30 minutes                                   $5

    *Theraplate stretching assistance                $20

10 min Theraplate added to your massage is free but come early so your appointment starts on time.

30 min Theraplate added to your massage is $5.  Please check ahead to be sure your therapist has ample time for your extended procedure.

Please be aware that a full body  Medical Massage takes more time than a regular therapeutic massage.    If you only want upper body or lower body you should schedule 60 min for the procedure.  If you want both upper and lower you should schedule two hours.  A Medical Massage is not general treatment but specific to your muscle issues.


Therapeutic massage is a deep tissue massage that stops to treat general thickenings and triggerpoints.  The therapist and client work together to insure maximum comfort and fullfill customer expectations.

Medical massage is results oriented.  It has a specific goal in an estimated timeline.  It provides set treatments and addresses all conditions outlined between the therapist and client.
Struggling to find the perfect gift?
Give the gift of relaxation to someone with headaches or chronic pain by purchasing a package deal! Choose 3 or 5 sessions and give them all or split them between yourself and the recipient. Or, you can sign up for a Massage for Two and treat a friend or family member.  3=$150  5=$240
We  accept cash, check or credit cards.
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